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Focused on structure, consistency, clarity, flow, conciseness, and more of your writing.


Secure online payment system with protected file storage. Your file is well protected.


We offer 24-72 hours response times on most orders, professionally proofread and edited.


You’ll never find a more affordable option than ours and we won’t cut corners on quality.


Highly-qualified proofreaders and editors with degrees in literature, language, and education.


Let us help you build a strong academic presence with clear, readable materials.


Writing is a skill that many people find challenging. That’s why it’s vital to have a skilled editor check your work, especially before you submit it. Your text will be proofread for errors, and the writing will be made clearer and smoother.

Clarity and Concision


Improving the quality of your writing by making it more grammatically correct, more coherent, and more readable.


Making the writing clearer by changing the wording to make it simpler, shorter and more precise.


Improving the flow and consistency of your writing by fixing unclear sentences and suggesting corrections.


Checking that all citations and references are clear, correct and current.


Your writing will be edited to make it more effective. Our expert editors will improve the flow of your writing, tighten the tone and language, and adapt the content to help you achieve your goals.


The text will be restructured so that it flows smoothly and that the passages of text are reversed for clarity and concision.


Suggesting changes to the vocabulary to make it more professional and clear.


The tone of the documents can be adjusted to fit the audience or purpose you need.


We make sure that your document follows your style guide and provides feedback and advice on your writing style.

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Fill out order form with some details about your document. You can then be sure that we’ll have it completed by your desired deadline.


We’ll find the perfect proofreader for your background after we receive your order details.

Working on it

Your document will be edited / proofread by one of our talented copywriters within the timeline you’ve specified.

Returned to You

Once we are happy with the document, we will send it over to you. Just let us know if there are any changes you wish to make.

Experienced editors available 24/7

Do you need help with editing your writing? Do you have an urgent deadline to meet? We are available 24/7 to take your text and turn it into a high-quality, well-edited piece of work.

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