Academic English Editing

Service for English as a Second Language Learners


Proofreading Service

Proofreading for Non-English Speakers

It is difficult to get published in English-language journals or accepted as a speaker at major conferences. You want to be the first one to publish, and there is a lot of competition. It’s important that your work is judged on merit and not on English-language issues. Our expert English proofreaders will revise your early draft for style, clarity, consistency, word choice, sentence structure, and natural expressions and flow.

They will make sure you are clear about what you are saying. If you want to sound like a native English speaker, the Academic English Editing service is for you. Common problems such as article usage, countable nouns, and overuse of transitions will be fixed by us. Confidence will allow you to continue with your final draft.

Benefits of Academic English Editing

It’s very difficult to write a major academic work in a foreign language. Our proofreaders will help you express yourself in English.

Improved Language Use

An editor will help you to use more precise and accurate language, which is essential for academic writing

Corrected Errors

An editor will identify and correct any errors in your writing, such as spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and typos.

Improved Clarity

An editor will help you to make your ideas clear and easy to understand by suggesting changes to improve the flow and structure of your writing.

Proper Citation

An editor will format your bibliography or reference list according to your preferred citation style, ensuring that your work is properly referenced.

Tracked Revisions

You can review the changes that have been made to your work using the tracked revisions feature, which allows you to see exactly what has been changed.

In-depth Commentary

An editor will provide thorough and insightful commentary on your work, highlighting any major concerns or areas that need improvement.