Privacy Policy

Protecting your personal information

We will do everything we can to keep your personal data safe. When uploading a document, we only ask you for the information we need in order to assist you as best we can.

What do we want to know?

First and last nameTo know how to address you.
Email addressIf you want to log on to our website, we need your email address. When you place your order, we’ll send you an email. After you’ve received your edited document, we may send you an email to ask you about Academic Way.
Phone numberIn case we need to ask you questions, we need your phone number. When the editor is done editing your document, we will send a text message to you.
Field of studyWe will find the best editor for you based on your study.

Delete account details

It is possible to remove your account from our website. Go to the my accounts page and click on the details that you would like to remove. You will no longer be able to log on to the Academic Way website after all your orders are deleted.


We treat documents with great care when they are uploaded to our website. The documents are dealt with in a confidential manner. All employees and editors of Academic Way are required to follow the special guidelines.

Prohibited to send to third parties or publish

When uploading documents, they are never shared with third parties and are not published. We are not going to use your document for commercial purposes.

Pledge of secrecy

All of our employees and editors are required to maintain confidentiality with regard to the content and form of all documents.

Obligation to delete

After editors have edited your document, they are obligated to destroy it.

Secure connection (SSL)

Academic Way has a secure connection that allows all documents to be uploaded. The green lock on your address bar indicates that the uploading is safe.

Retention period of documents

Your original document and edited or translated version will be stored on our secure server for a year. The documents will be deleted automatically after this period.


Our website uses cookies to analyse the behaviour of visitors to our website, as well as to show ads from other websites. We use cookies for social networking sites. With the help of these cookies, we can show relevant Facebook advertisements to our website visitors.

The data from the cookie is stored on your own computer. Others don’t have access to this information. If you choose your settings in your browser, you can decide whether or not to accept cookies on your computer.

Terms of use

You agree with our terms of use when you have your paper edited or translated.